cà phê illy brasile selection whole bean arabica lon 250gram

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Illy coffee Brasile – Cường độ nhẹ

  • Hương thơm đầy đủ, với nốt caramel.
  • Ngon hơn khi pha esprsso.

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cà phê hạt illy brasile

Được nhập khẩu từ ý, thương hiệu illy, cà phê hạt illy Brasile được làm nền tảng cho pha chế espresso.

illy Brasile hương vị đậm đà, tinh tế và nốt ghi chú caramel.


Discover illy Arabica Selection Brasile single origin coffee that individually highlights one of the unique flavor notes found in the legendary illy blend. Coffee grown in Brazil is often used as the foundation of espresso blends for its intense full flavor and notes of caramel. This sustainably grown coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans. Brazil, the world’s largest producer of Arabica coffee, is home to five billion coffee plants where well defined wet and dry seasons create the perfect climate for coffee cultivation. The roast of this origin is specially calibrated to enhance the natural aromatic notes and flavor profile of the coffee.


Unique roast and aroma profile.

Each Arabica Selection has it’s own unique roasting temperature and length of time to highlight each origins aroma and flavor. Brasile features an intense and full flavor, with notes of caramel.



Explore the origins of illy coffee.

We’ve perfected the roast of each single origin, or ingredient, found in our signature illy blend. The distinct roast enhances the different flavors of each Arabica: the floral notes from Ethiopia, chocolate notes from Guatemala, caramel from Brazil and fruity notes from Colombia.

Because happiness is savoring the taste right from its origins.

Where does it come from?

Brazil is the world’s leading producer of Arabica coffee. These beans are mainly cultivated on the high planes in the southeast of the country, where the marked alternation of dry periods and heavy rains provides perfect growing conditions for the plantations.

Poetry, in coffee beans

Carefully selected and meticulously blended and roasted, illy coffee beans invoke a sensual beauty and poetry in the passionate coffee lover. Opening a can means entering a world where the process of making coffee is more than a routine, it’s a rich and pleasurable daily ritual. 50 beans of the illy blend are able to transform a cup. True poetry in a 250 gram can!

Thông tin chi tiết illy brasile

Tên sản phẩm: Arabica selection Brasile.

Thể trạng: Nguyên Hạt.

Trọng lượng: 250gram/8,8oz.

Hương vị: Hương vị đậm đà và đầy đủ, với hương caramel.

cà phê illy brasile selection whole bean arabica lon 250gram
cà phê illy brasile selection whole bean arabica lon 250gram

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